Revolution Square Bucharest

Revolution Square earned its name after setting the scene of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's final minutes of power in Romania.

On December 21st, 1989, a coup d'├ętat ensued here with the help of a crowd of more than 100,000, forcing the leader of the communist party to flee, and changing the course of the country's history. Until that date, the central square was known as Palace Square, due to its proximity to the Royal Palace, which is the current home to the National Museum of Art.

Other historic buildings stand nearby, including the Senate Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, and the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest.

Revolution Square is also known for the dramatic Monument of Rebirth. Erected in 2005, it includes the names of the 1,058 victims of the bloody revolution and a bronze statue of Iuliu Maniu, the Romanian prime minister imprisoned, tortured and killed by the communist party.

Revolution Square Bucharest

The Revolution Square can be seen via:

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