Prejmer Fortified Church

Prejmer Fortified Church is a remarkable historical monument, now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a must-see of any itineraries through medieval Transylvania.

This monument deserves at least one visit if you're traveling through legendary Transylvania and want to know more about its history.

The largest fortified church in south-eastern Europe, Prejmer was built by Teutonic knights in 1212-1213. The solid surrounding walls are 12 meters (40 ft) high and 3-5 meters (10-15 ft) thick. Historical records attest that in its 500 years of existence, the fortress was besieged 50 times. However, it was only captured once, in 1611, as the fighters defending the fortress have surrendered after not having no drinking water available for several days.

Endowed with bastions, drawbridges and a secret, subterranean passage through which food supplies could be transported, the church's most famed war device was the "death machine", made of several weapons that could shoot simultaneously, causing the enemy severe losses.

Prejmer Fortified Church

Prejmer Fortified Church can be seen via:

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